Everything You Need to Know About the Co-Codamol 30 500mg Tablets

  • Posted On: Feb 04, 2021
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Everything You Need to Know About the Co-Codamol 30 500mg Tablets

Co-codamol is used as a pain reliever as it alleviates your body’s signals from reaching the brain via CNS. The lesser the body sends signals to your brain, the lesser you will feel the pain. Not just that, it replicates endorphins that are transformed into morphine for a pain-relieving effect. Co-codamol relieves pain, and it incorporates paracetamol and codeine phosphate as well. The medication is used to reduce mild and moderate pain caused by aches and muscle pain.

Working of Co Codamol 30 500mg

As the medication is infused with paracetamol and Codeine, the tablets reduce the pain in two unique ways. When it comes to Paracetamol, Prostaglandins generation in the brain and spinal cord is diminished. As it is responsible for the pain, paracetamol alleviates the pain by reducing prostaglandins production. However, Codeine will replicate the endorphin effect and also reduces pain.

Consult your doctor before taking the dosage

If you are allergic to paracetamol or Codeine, you should avoid taking medicine and connect with the physician to treat the condition. Also, taking medicine for a long time can lead to addiction. It is better to stay in control when it comes to medications and avoid unnecessary complications. You should follow the doctor’s prescription properly and don’t extend the time you take Codeine longer than told. Codeine mimics endorphin, and it transforms into morphine to relieve the pain.

When more morphine is generated, it increases the risk of morphine toxicity. If you identify slow breathing, constipation, you can avoid the medication and connect with your doctor. It is better to have a word with your physician when you suffer from liver or kidney problems. For certain health conditions, the drug intake may not be safe as patients will be consuming medications to treat the diseases. If your doctor lets the usage of medicine, you can use them. It would also help if you stopped drinking when taking co-codamol as it can interact with alcohol.

Co-codamol 30 500mg

can make you feel drowsy so avoid driving when taking the drug.

Check with the physician if you are following any medications mentioned here. Depressants and sedatives for the Central nervous system, medicines to thin blood, treat infections, nausea; reduce cholesterol, and oral contraceptive pills can interact with co-codamol. It is essential to consult your doctor before purchasing the co-codamol 30 500mg.


There are different types of drugs available to alleviate pain, but one should choose the right painkiller that lessens the pain without any side effects. Proper research about the medications will let you know about the ideal painkillers. Co-codamol is one such medication used by many individuals to reduce the pain that hinders their daily routine. If you are buying the co-codamol 30 500mg, it is better to find the right retailer. In this online shopping era, many fake pharmacies are selling expired medicines, so it is better to choose a reliable pharmacy for buying high-quality drugs.

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