How To Take Pregabalin In The Right Way?

  • Posted On: May 31, 2021
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How To Take Pregabalin In The Right Way?

If you are hunting for a credible drug to fight your rigid body ache, Pregabalin is the one-stop solution for you? The experts recommend the drug to treat pain caused due to nerve damage. Some of the most common causes of such kind of body pain include Diabetes, Herpes, and some spinal injury.

Let Us Know Understand The Correct Method To Use Pregabalin:

Before starting with the consumption of the medicine, it is a must to discuss your medical history with a doctor. He/she will be the right person to suggest a dosage that will be safe for your body type. Moreover, there is a medication guide available with the drug, and you must go through the guide to get the best results.

The drug is to be consumed orally 2 to 3 times a day, and one may or may not club it with the meals. The dosage that you will be given is purely as per the existing medical condition and body weight.

Pregabalin is also available as a syrup and hence, it gets even important to check the measurements before taking the same. Never rely on a normal spoon, and always use a measuring cup to check the right dosage. The doctors usually put a new patient on a low dosage to check for the occurrence of any side effects. Later on, the dose might be enhanced, if considered fine by the doctor.

The medicine will do the best for your body, only if the consumption is made on a regular basis. Most importantly, it should be consumed at the same time every day. Also, the drug is known to work its best if the exact same amount of portion goes into the body that too at a preferably same time. Do make an effort to take the medicine at even intervals throughout the day and night.

Alarming Conditions:

There are certain highlighted medical conditions wherein the consumption of Pregabalin must be immediately stopped:

  • Those with a history of Seizures must abstain from taking the drug as it can make it worse dramatically. One thing to note here is that the medicine must not be stopped immediately, and a doctor must be contacted to know the right way to stop the consumption.
  • While trying to lower the dosage, be very careful about any new or worsening symptoms and report the same to your doctor immediately.
  • In certain cases, Pregabalin has caused addiction and it is usually seen in cases wherein the patient body already has some addiction, maybe for drugs or alcohol. Always remember to take the medication exactly as per the recommended dose to avoid any fatal side effects.

Highlighting Some Essential Precautions:

  • Tell your medical professional about any allergies so that he is aware of the same before prescribing it. There are chances that the product might contain some inactive ingredients that can further aggravate your allergies.
  • Discuss your medical history in detail with the doctor to help him understand the correct dosage for you. Some of the most important mentions should be any allergic reactions like facial swelling, breathing problems, and alcohol/drug dependence.
  • The patients who are old might have greater sensitivity to the side effects such as dizziness, unsteadiness, slow breathing, and confusion.
  • During pregnancy, the medication should only be used if recommended by the doctor. Be very clear about the risks associated before you chose to take the same. Also, the lactating mothers need to be extra careful about the drug as it might transfer from the mother’s milk to the baby. Make sure to consult the doctor before taking the drug, if you are breastfeeding.
  • Pregabalin tablets have shown tremendous results in curing body pain in different individuals. The best way to reap the most out of it is to never hide any medical history with the doctor. You must let an expert decide on the right dosage and correct administration for you.

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