Side Effects linked with Codeine Tablets that one must know

  • Posted On: Nov 25, 2020
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Side Effects linked with Codeine Tablets that one must know

Codeine is a medicine that is recommended for treating mild to moderate level pain. The drug should strictly be consumed only on having a proper doctor’s recommendation; otherwise, it can damage more than relief.

Some of the conditions to self-monitor before starting with the consumption of Codeine tablets are listed here:

One should strictly abstain from using the opioid medication if you have any of the following listed conditions:

  • Any breathing problem, especially severe asthma
  • Stomach or intestine blockage
  • Getting frequent asthma attacks
  • In specific individuals, the codeine can adversely impact the liver, causing prolonged breathing and even death

Medical history conditions that your doctor must know:

  • Liver or kidney disease
  • Any minor or significant breathing problems
  • Sleep-related problems like Sleep Apnea
  • Abnormal spine curvature causing difficulty breathing
  • Any significant head injury
  • Low blood pressure levels
  • Digestive tract blockages
  • Thyroid issues
  • Urination problems
  • Drug addiction

Key indicators that need immediate medical attention

  • People who have experienced severe side effects of Opioid medicine have complained of slow breathing. Hence, the caregiver must rush to seek medical attention on witnessing slow breathing with pauses, discoloration of lips, or uneasiness to get up from the sleep.
  • The severe side effects of taking Codeine tablets are more likely to be seen in older adults, and those who are overweight or malnourished.
  • The long-term use of codeine can even affect fertility in both the sexes

Risk factors linked with codeine addiction

Many people tend to develop an addiction to codeine tablets. There are a number of factors that can lead to addiction to Codeine.

Some of the key causes that can bring codeine addiction are:

  • Genetic Factors: Sometimes, the addiction tendency flows from the genes, and it can be for any substance we eat or inhale. If the allergy is seen in a first-degree relative, then there is a high possibility to get that transferred to the children.
  • Biological factors: The researchers have also linked interaction of the codeine drug with the brain with the tendency to develop a dependency. Doctors are working to rectify these effects of codeine medicine.
  • Environmental factors: The environment in which a person is also living intensely impacts the tendency to develop codeine addiction. Those who grow up in an environment where addiction is rampant are at a higher risk of developing addiction disorders. Those who begin drug abuse at an earlier age are more likely to develop an addiction later when they grow.
  • Psychological factors: Having any psychological problem can also read to the development of addiction to codeine tablets.


The Codeine tablets must be consumed only after getting a proper recommendation from the doctor. Those who hide their medical history are more likely to face the side effects and develop dependence. Be very clear about your medical history and bring the same to your doctor’s notice for fetching great returns. Never change the dosage on your own, and always stick to the dose recommended. Even stopping the drug must be a systematic and informed procedure to get excellent returns.

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