The Important Things You Should Undoubtedly Know Before Consuming Dihydrocodeine Tablets

  • Posted On: Jan 23, 2021
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The Important Things You Should Undoubtedly Know Before Consuming Dihydrocodeine Tablets

Dihydrocodeine tartrate is worldwide recognized as one of the best and effective pain reliever medicine suitable for teenagers and adults. Dihydrocodeine tablets is used for treating moderate to severe pain. Dihydrocodeine tablets are considered stronger painkiller than other opioids available in the market.

Surprisingly, this medicine is one of the most abused drugs worldwide because of its side effects, addiction, and euphoric effects. Nevertheless, Dihydrocodeine tartrate is still prescribed by doctors and researchers in western countries.

Do you know why this drug is abused and still used as a treatment option? This drug is ideal for physical pain, but people start using it to treat their emotional pain and stress. Hence, today we will explain some of the important and crucial things you should know before consuming Dihydrocodeine tablets

Who Should Avoid Dihydrocodeine tablets?

People who are allergic to Dihydrocodeine tartrate or opioids should stay away from this drug and similar medicines. Yes, because such drugs’ consumption can lead to constipation, nausea or vomiting. Kids below 4 should never consume any form of dihydrocodeine, even for extreme physical pain.

Ladies who are trying to become pregnant or are already pregnant or are breastfeeding should never consume Dihydrocodeine because the baby in the womb is vulnerable to get addicted to this drug. Furthermore, your baby might suffer from severe diseases, and he/she will undergo multiple treatments throughout life.

Which Is the Best Way to Consume Dihydrocodeine tablets?

When it comes to taking dihydrocodeine tablets, you need to follow the prescription labels. Never make the mistake of taking higher doses of codeine for instant relief because you’ll get addicted to this drug. Consider dihydrocodeine like your normal cough syrup, which is used for the short-term until your symptoms get clear.

Never recommend this drug to anyone if you don’t want to land up behind bars. If you’re already taking some other medicines, tell your doctor about your current medical conditions before he/she prescribes Dihydrocodeine tablets.

Before consuming this medicine, research well and consult with your doctor multiple times. Dihydrocodeine tartrate is considered a normal drug for treating long-term pain, but it can mess up your life within days.

What Happens If You Miss or Take a Higher Dose Of dihydrocodeine? 

Dihydrocodeine tartrate should never be consumed for a longer period. Hence there is no dosing schedule for this drug. When you are suffering from a long-term pain, consult with your doctor and then consume Dihydrocodeine tartrate . According to the manufacturers, codeine should only be consumed twice within 24 hours.

On the other hand, if you have taken a higher dose of codeine, immediately bang the doors of your nearest doctor. Higher doses of codeine can cause very sleepy, sick, or dizzy, find it difficult to breathe, and become unconscious.

Final Words

Remember, try to keep Dihydrocodeine tablets away from your children because toddlers have the habit of chewing tablets. Never share your dihydrocodeine dose with anyone and use this drug only for medicinal purposes. When it comes to buying Dihydrocodeine tablets, please consult with your doctor and purchase it from the authorized and licensed pharmacy in your vicinity.

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